• Hospitality ship of the week: Avontuur!

    The "Avontuur" will sail fast and graceful towards # SAIL2020 β›΅πŸ’₯
    With its third place at the Brandarisrace last weekend, the ''Avontuur'' is one of the fastest sailing clippers in the Netherlands in addition to "graceful and comfortable"! Curious about this ship from the hospitality fleet? Then visit SAIL and admire her # SAIL2020! β›΅πŸ₯‰ #WeSAIL
  • Hospitality ship of the week: Gaasterland!

    β€œHospitality ship the Gaasterland returns to # SAIL2020!” 🀩
    The Gaasterland will be participating in the hospitality fleet of SAIL for the third time. Owner Arnold Hylkema has rebuilt the ship with beautiful stained glass, Art-Deco style elements and mahogany in its original style. This is the style of 1911, when the Gaasterland served as a ferry from Amsterdam Central to Schellingwoude. She will return as a hospitality ship during SAIL. Will you visit SAIL and admire her? ⛡❀ # SAIL2020 #WeSAIL
  • Hospitality ship of the week: Brandaris!

    The Brandaris, a three-mast Top sail schooner sails for the 7th time during SAIL. The ship was built in 1905 to sail on West European waters. From 1986, she can be found on the Dutch waters for active, pleasant and relaxed boat trips. The Brandaris will come from Kampen to Amsterdam. Willyou be there too? #SAIL2020 #WeSAIL πŸ’›
  • Hospitalty ship oof the week: Gulden Leeuw!

    Gulden Leeuw
    The sturdy Dutch ship the Gulden Leeuw (M / S DANA) has an international background. It was built for the Danish Ministry as an ocean-worthy ship with ice class. For many years she braved Danish and other international waters. πŸŒŠβ›΅ Now the Golden Lion serves as a training ship. On board you will discover and learn the intricacies of shipping. Do you dare? # SAIL2020 #WeSAIL
  • Hospitality ship of the week: Selene!

    The Selene brings courage & love to # SAIL2020 ❀⛡
    Power woman Edith will provide guts and love with her unique ship 'de Selene' during SAIL Amsterdam 2020. Edith is one of the few female skippers in the hospitality fleet and has completely transformed the Selene into the perfect wedding location. Curious about the ship or are you perhaps looking for a wedding location? πŸ˜‰ Then come to SAIL # SAIL2020! #WeSAIL πŸ’πŸ‘°πŸΌπŸ€΅πŸ½β›΅
  • Hospitality ship of the week: Jantje!

    Sailing Jantje can also be admired during the 10th edition and she has big plans. The 28 meter long Dutch hospitality ship only wants to run on hydrogen in the future. Discover the plans for the first truly sustainable sailing charter ship in the Netherlands during # SAIL2020 β›΅πŸ’₯❀
    You can even sail on the Jantje! Click here to view the ship.
  • Hospitality ship of the week: Minerva!

    The Minerva is one of the last built sailing cargo ships and was formerly known as the Uwe Ursula from Germany. After her imposition, she was found by an enthusiast who restored her to her former glory. This recovery took place at the Minerva wharf in Amsterdam, to which she owes her name. Curious about this sailing party ship? Then come and admire her during # SAIL2020! β›΅ # WeSAIL
  • Hospitality ship of the week: Santa Maria Manuela!

    The Santa Maria Manuela takes you to the past and the future 🀩
    This adventurous Tall Ship has a lot of history and stories. She survived the Second World War by painting the hull white and thereby indicating that she was not a warship. As a result, she was spared torpedoes, for example. Nowadays she contributes to scientific, educational and environmental projects. Come to SAIL and admire her # SAIL2020 # WeSAIL
  • Reineke Boot new director of SAIL Event Partners

    Reineke Boot is the new director of SAIL Event Partners. She will be responsible for the overall production of the tenth edition of SAIL Amsterdam to be held in August 2020. And in that role, it will work closely with Arie Jan de Waard (chairman of SAIL Amsterdam Foundation) and Mitra van Raalten (director of SAIL Amsterdam Foundation). In this position, Reineke Boot succeeds Erwin van Lambaart, who is currently the Holland Casino director.