Reineke Boot new director of SAIL Event Partners

Reineke Boot is the new director of SAIL Event Partners. She will be responsible for the overall production of the tenth edition of SAIL Amsterdam to be held in August 2020. And in that role, it will work closely with Arie Jan de Waard (chairman of SAIL Amsterdam Foundation) and Mitra van Raalten (director of SAIL Amsterdam Foundation). In this position, Reineke Boot succeeds Erwin van Lambaart, who is currently the Holland Casino director.

Reineke Boot (42 years old) has many years of experience in organizing large events with a social impact. For example, she was the operational director of the Giro d’ Italia start in Amsterdam in 2010 and Global Head of Partnerships for Volvo Ocean Race and in that capacity the initiator of the award-winning sustainability program for clean oceans. SAIL Event Partners is therefore pleased that Reineke Boot now wants to use her experience for SAIL Amsterdam.

Reineke Boot: “This is really the dream job for me. SAIL Amsterdam is a unique event. The historic ships that will come to Amsterdam appeal to everyone's imagination. They connect us with the world. Show us how you push boundaries and open doors to other cultures. That gives SAIL Amsterdam real added value. That is why I would like to collaborate with all residents, all Amsterdam residents, the business community, the North Sea Canal Municipalities, all employees involved and our thousands of volunteers. Everyone must be able to be proud of what we are going to put together during this 10th edition. I think this is a great honor and I look forward to that collaboration and meetings. ”