This impressive Tall Ship was also built as a freight forwarder. In 1926 she set off on Tecklenburg Shipyard, near Bremerhaven. This steel four-mast bark is the largest traditional sailing vessel in the world after Sedov. Her home port is Kaliningrad. She came as Padua and is the last sailing cargo ship  that was built at that time. Together with the Pamir, Passat, Preussen, Pommern and Peking, she was part of the Flying P-line from Hamburg. She is the only one of these ships that is still sailing. The ship was mainly used to transport building materials to South America and then took Salpeter on the return trip. The Padua was also used to get grain in Australia. In 1933-1934 the Padua only sailed from Hamburg to South Australia in 67 days, a world record. Until the outbreak of the Second World War, she continued to make her long journeys as a cargo ship. After the war, the ship was transferred to the Soviet Union on January 12, 1946 as part of reparations. She was then renamed Kruzenshtern and in 1955 entered the Russian Navy as a training ship. Since 1966 the ship has been owned by the Ministry of Fisheries. The Kruzenshtern has a length of 114.5 meters, a draft of 6.8 meters and sails with the Russian flag. This striking ship with large deck is ideal for enjoying the bustle on the water during SAIL. An experience to never forget!


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